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Making it Matter

Develop your writing style, voice, and craft while discovering what you most care about. Listening carefully to your inner life and clarifying what is meaningful to you is at the heart of good writing in every genre. Sarah works with all levels and all genres, supporting each writer’s goals and improving craft in giant steps. She uses mentor texts and college-style workshopping to facilitate discussion, focusing on how to amplify meaning and substance. “Every single writer grows under her guidances,” says one of her students. Her student reviews are consistently given the highest ratings.


A three-hour guide to memoir writing no matter if you haven’t ever put pen to paper or are mid-journey. How are memoir and autobiography different? What belongs in a memoir and what doesn’t? Why is your story important? What’s your sub-genre? What’s your mission statement and who is your audience? What are your “take-aways,” the heart of your story and its universals? And more. On-line memoir writing resources, prompts and online communities. A big world of support is out there waiting for your story.

The Writer’s Toolbox: The Sensory Palette

In this three-hour class, boost your writing craft with a focus on what best-selling author Mary Karr calls the only part of writing craft that can be taught. Although that statement might be a bit absolute, it’s been true in my teaching experience that nothing improves writing so quickly as incorporating the sensory world. No matter the writing genre, helping your reader embody the experience through the senses brings immediacy, action and authenticity to your words. Come with your curiosity, enthusiasm, pen and paper and we’ll engage with each other in mutual discovery and learning. Workshop is offered yearly by Act Two (see above) or by request.

The Writer’s Toolbox: First Paragraph Promises

Barbara Kingsolver says she rewrites her first sentence forty times or more; that’s not because she’s a bad writer, but because, she knows it will be the book’s compass. In this three-hour session, we explore the importance of a compelling hook and other essentials elements of a first paragraph  to set up a piece of writing, no matter the genre, no matter the length. A contract is made with a reader in the very first paragraph of tone, point-of-view, orientation and most importantly, hook–the promise of all the questions to be pursued. Come with your curiosity, pen and paper, and join us for an enjoyable three-hour of mutual discovery and learning. Workshop is offered yearly by Act Two (see above) or by request.